Our Equipment Include

Fishing Tools:
Overshots, spears,
washpipe, shoes and mills

Drill Collars:
3-1/8"OD - 8"OD

Power swivels:
2.5 trailer mounted

Crossover subs:
All sizes

Casing crossover bushings:
4-1/2" - 13-3/8"

Handling tools:
Elevators, clamps and slips
Closing Units

Blowout preventers:
7-1/16" - 21-1/4"

High pressure spools and DSA's

Hook-up iron:

Cross over & bit subs of
all sizes & connections.
Upper and lower kelly valves,
inside B.O.P.'s & TIW valves
of all different connections.
Elevators for most applications including slip type, bottleneck,
single joint and square shoulder.
Spools ranging from
1 13/16" (10m) - 21 1/4" (5m).
DSA's of all sizes ranging from 1 13/16" (10m) - 21 1/4" (5m).
Circulating Iron with casing
crossovers of all sizes for
8rd & Buttress connections.
B.O.P. rams for most B.O.P.
applications including slip type,
VBR'S & shear rams.
Flange lubricators of
all sizes & lengths.
B.O.P's ranging from
7 1/16" - 21 1/4"
2.5 Power Swivels
Hydraulic valves, manual valves, check valves & 4" coflex hoses.
Closing units.